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Servi Transfer makes business and corporate travel better by making it more connected and complete. Servi Transfer puts travellers at the heart of business travel, continuously supporting them with solutions that are more engaging and effective. Driven by consumer insights and technology Servi Transfer connects everything travellers need : Booking, transfers, content, technology, service and costing all in one place.


Servi Transfer was established over a decade ago and has become a well-known entity in the Southern African region. The agency has expanded its business to include not only local corporate business, but also Latin American and European visitors, providing the Company with an international presence. Increasing its service offerings, Servi Transfer has added a variety of strategic partnerships and channels including airline, hotel, ticketing facilities, cruise and tour counselling and individual customized travel planning. All of this is done with a personalized service, consistently a key element in Servi Transfers approach to travel arrangements.


In recent years Servi Transfer was able to enhance its corporate business; with the larger offering. These expanded services included airport transfers, theater and special events tickets, visas/passport processing, and frequent-flyer miles redemption desk.

Recently as many airlines consolidated, the travel industry has become more sophisticated in its application of technology, offering electronic distribution and personalized services via phone, fax, and email. Servi Transfer has remained on the forefront of this trend. In 2011, Servi Transfer decided to consolidate both its Corporate and Leisure divisions, along with its accounting department, in a new customized home office in Angola.

Servi Transfer continues to grow with large sales and turnover, today Servi Transfer offers a variety of services centralized in various specialized departments.


Head Office.

Servi Transfer Angola.
Largo do Atletico N.2 -2B Ingombotas
Luanda, Angola
Tel. (+244) 923 5678

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